Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Season, New Dedication

I admit it. I not only took the last 6 months off from my blog. I took the time off from working out. Part of that had to do with changes and stress at work. Part of it was the winter. And a BIG part of it was that I ONLY LOST SIX GOD DAMNED POUNDS WHILE TRAINING FOR THREE TRIS AND A 5K LAST YEAR.

Yes, I was a little pissed.

But I didn't buy a stupid sausage-casing wetsuit and save up for a brand new road bike just to quit. So despite the fact that I've been out for like one wun, been in the pool twice, and been on my new bike once, I've signed up for my race calendar for this year, and am looking at doing something potentially crazier than tris.

So far, my summer looks like this:
- May 22- Girls on the Run 5k
- August 15- Danskin Women's Tri
- Sept 12- registered for IronGirl 5k
- Sept 19- Trek Women's Tri

(Looking at this, I realize I'm going to have to find something in June or July. Damn. Maybe I will do something w/ Livestrong... hmm.)

I'm actually registered for all four events, the reason that I hedge on IronGirl (other than I HATE wunning, so why would I make myself do that more often than needed) is that I may sign up for a bigger event event that weekend & can't do both.

I think I've mentioned her before, but I have a friend who I met thru my tri group last year who has MS. She is AMAZING. When I did Lk. Samm (the one where I came in abso-frickin'-loutely last) she had been having a flare up. She was stiff & in pain. She still kicked my ass.

So the day after I signed up for the IronGirl, she told me she is considering heading up a team for the MS 150 on Sept 11 & 12. That's 150 miles on a bike over two days.

On one hand, that's crazy talk. That's almost the STP (Seattle to Portland) ride. That's a LOT of time in the saddle.

On the other hand, crazy has never stopped me before. When I tried to talk someone into doing 60 miles in 3 days for the 3 day, I kept hearing that I was crazy. When I decided to start training for triathlons last year, I heard I was crazy. When I kept showing up for work on the Assignment Desk for a decade... hell, maybe I am crazy.

Technically I still have a couple of months to decide, but I'm 99% decided that I will be spending a lot of time in the saddle training this year. My 2009 Specialized Ruby Elite- Komen edition- will be getting quite a workout. And if I'm going to DO it, I'm likely to go for clipless pedals, and therefore have to conquer my fear of falling. And conquer my fear of taking time for myself.

So 2010 is looking like quite a ride. I'll let you know how it goes.

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  1. Hi BGCT,

    I feel your frustration about lack of weight loss in spite of plenty of training (wrote a book about it actually).

    Great attitude. You will get there as long as you keep that certainty that you will succeed...besides, no one can stop you!

    Best wishes,

    Ingrid Loos Miller