Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Breast Cancer Ninja- updated

Since this is a blog about workouts and weight loss, and my world is narrowing to talk about a much more focused experience… losing my boobs, I’ve decided to launch a new blog that will center on that experience.

Introducing: I've registered this as my own, so shorter link!

So why the Breast Cancer Ninja, you may ask?  Last week while I was going thru all of the fun outlined in my posts, my mom, who is new to her Windows Phone, asked me how to find the smiley face that I sent her. I remembered a post from one of the Microsoft blogs that showed a bunch of the new emoticons, and there is was.  In Windows Phone, (J) = NINJA!  As the mother of a 9 year old boy, ninjas are big. And if you’re going to kick some cancer out of your body, why not be a ninja?

I may or may not return here when I kick the cancer’s ass, since from this point on, I will always be a survivor. We’ll see.  A couple weeks ago when I logged back in, Blogger told me it no longer supported my browser.  Internet Explorer 9.  I do PR for the same team that supports IE, and it’s still widely used, so I think that sucks.

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