Friday, August 28, 2009

Guilt vs Regret

I've always made a point of living my life with out regrets. I'm not sure where I am on the whole "higher power" thing but I do believe that things turn out the way they are meant to, and that regret is pointless. You can't change the past, you can only change the future, and do your best to move forward from where you are now.

Unfortunately, although this is something that my brain knows and believes, it does not in any way help with guilt.

These last few weeks have been rough on my family. After five days in a coma, my husband and I made the difficult decision to take my father in law off of the respirator, and he died within hours. My head knows that we're doing all of the right things, and that it's more important to now focus on MY boys, who are alive, and what it right for them, but this does not dispel guilt.

As this relates to my workouts, as soon as I went back to work after Bob's death, I had a major cold kick in. It started in my head, but as always seems to happen for me, it promptly settled into my chest. So for almost two weeks, I have not been able to breathe. No breathing= no workout.

Again, the brain knows that I felt like poop, which is not good for working out, but I can't shake the guilt.

Before, this would not worry me, but now, I not only miss the working out, but I've got a tri. TOMORROW MORNING. I'll get on my bike today, but I'm worried. Tried to go for a run last night, and I couldn't breathe.

So tomorrow will be about two things for me. Drugs, and pacing. I'll NEED to make sure I use my inhaler to keep my lungs open, and maybe a decongestant to stay clear. Sadly, the thing that cost me the most yesterday was laughing, which then caused a coughing fit. I need to make sure I'm taking it slow, but still fast enough that I don't have major attacks of guilt later.

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