Tuesday, August 4, 2009

One down two to go!

So, I guess I owe everyone a post...

Last week was amazingly busy at work, I had late meetings Thursday, but still managed to get to swim with my training team at Beaver Lk, even if I was late. Was too hot for my wetsuit, but it fit, and I got some time in it in the water.

So Thursday night, very little sleep. Friday I had the big thing I was working late for on Thursday, so work, work, work. Then we drive to Olympia to drop off the kid & dog with Grandma, drive, drive, drive. Check into hotel in Vancouver, WA (just north of Portland) at 11p.

Up at 5:45a. Hubby and I both couldn't sleep because we were worried about oversleeping. Up and a couple of pieces of French Toast at the hotel's breakfast and off to Blue Lake Park in Fairview, Oregon.

On the drive, I was ready to lose the French Toast. I knew this was something that I could do, but I was pretty sure the butterflies were going to win a little battle in my middle. We got parked and I picked up my packet. Before I knew it, I was in the the transition area. There I felt a little better, I knew what I was doing. I even helped others who didn't know how to set up.

There were a not a lot of women wearing wetsuits, but I wanted to have the floatation and confidence, so I wore it anyway. Since it was a "Try It" event, it was a shorter swim. The start was fully in the water, but that was OK. I did alright swimming in the crowd, and I think that if I go down to the water in time to practice a little and relax, it will go better. Only 3 little panic attacks, and I rolled over to my back twice, but in large part, that was because I saw so many others doing the back stroke. I was actually hot in the wetsuit, but when the the temps have been in the upper 90s for a week, I think that's to be expected.

We had to run up a hill to get to the transition area, and I spent longer there than I NEEDED to, but I was not pushing myself super hard either. The big change I think I'd make there is to get a little snack- something to help give me a little extra energy for the ride.

The ride itself went well, but I did lose a fair amount of ground. My husband noticed I've got one of the heavier bikes out there- I got new road tires put on my 1994 Trek Mountain Track, but still it's HEAVY compared to a road bike. I was pretty excited that I remembered to drink water... I tend to forget when I'm on a ride but I tried to make it a priority. We went along a pretty road that's along the Columbia River. It was pretty flat (although I later figured out that the ride out was a slight incline) but there was a significant head wind on the ride out. In theory, that would make the ride back in go REALLY fast, but I was pooped by that point, so I was happy to let it push me along. I also had some random numbness in my left foot & hand... will have to ask my Dr about it next time I go in.

Last transition I did have a chocolate gel. Not bad, but not a regular diet staple. Again, I think it would have been better to take on the bike ride. Had some water, but I really should have taken it with me for a little while. And I think that I could have moved faster. Took me like 4 min, but I do think one of those was looking for the dang gel (which was in the goodie bag they gave us @ the event.)

So then, I walked. Could I have done a little running? Of course. But I was getting hot, and with my history of heat exhaustion, I didn't want to push it. I was alone most of the way, but at the very end, caught up with a pair of women who were also doing their 1st tri, and we talked together to almost the end.

Overall, my time was right around 2:20. Not awesome, but not a bad benchmark to start from. I felt great when it was over, so I know that I could have pushed myself harder. Not that I want to actually make myself sick, but I felt like I should have been more tired. That will be my goal for the next one, better time, and actually tire myself out.

This weekend I'm planning to do a swim in Lk Sammamish, so I'll be familiar with what the water is like before my next tri on 8/29. Still haven't decided if I'm going to do the Seattle Open Water Swim on 8/15, so that I have a full 1/2 mile under my belt before the Trek, and if I'm going to do the Railroad Days 5k with my hubby & son. Maybe I'll just run the 1k w/ the kid. That one is on 8/22, so would make my Aug a pretty busy month.