Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We're all scared

I've been meaning to write (you know how that is) but the problem I have when I go TOO long without writing is that I have too many things rattling around in my head to say, and I have a hard time picking one out.

My hubby is sick, and when I came home from riding the bike at the gym (I really would rather be outside, but it's dark by the time my kid is asleep now and I want to spend time w/ him more than I want to ride outside) and DH was FINALLY watching the season finale of Grey's Anatomy.

There was this scene, this line, that just struck me, and reminded me why I've saved that show for like 4 months to make sure he watched it. Dr Bailey is talking about HER husband giving her an ultimatum & the chief says her husband is scared. Her response is such a GREAT line (I LOVE great writing):

"Well, we're all scared! I mean, if you're not scared you're not paying attention!"

When I started writing this blog, it was to share what I'm doing with my friends all at once, and I had a stretch goal, to see if I could get someone to try something new- maybe a triathlon, maybe something else.

I'm not sure if it's ALL about the blog, but as of this weekend, I have convinced at least 3 people that they could do tris, and have talked a couple of others in to 5ks. Pretty damn exciting.

People keep telling me that I'm inspiring, but I would say that each of those people is inspiring in their own right. My new friends who learn to swim so they can do triathlons. Ladies who have all sorts of obstacles like illnesses, family issues, whatever, but still get up in the morning and get on with their day.

Nothing in this life is easy. We all make a myriad of decisions every day that can be right, wrong, or even right now. But the fact is, we are all doing the best that we can.

OK- so on that cheesy note, my 5k race report. Did the Iron Girl 5k. If I do no other 5k, I think I will likely do this one again. It was well run, we got cool medals & had a nice breakfast, but the coolest part was the "Mommy/Daughter" aspect of the event. There were a BUNCH of little girls, many my son's age and younger, running with their mom. It was amazing to see so many little girls running.

When I was that age, I was a book worm. Hell, let's face it, I still am a book worm. But it was the 1970s, and girls were not always expected to be athletic. I was smart, and that was good enough. It's neat for me to see that girls are so much more empowered to be active now.

The wun part went well. I started out at a pretty good jog, but went to a walk after about 1/2 mile. I wore my heart rate monitor, and made sure that I wasn't pushing too hard, but also that I wasn't letting myself off the hook too much either.

My 5k for my two tris have been 55 & 53 min each. So my goals were 1) finish w/out stopping, 2) finish in 50 min, and my STRETCH goal, was to finish in 45 min.

My finish time, :47:05. But you know what, I'll take it! I know that 30 min is the typical goal, but I stuck with what was right for me. I made a joke to someone who I kept catching up with, sometimes passing, and then falling back behind when we got lapped by the 10k ladies, that when I'm feeling mean, I want to strap an extra 100 lbs to then and see how they do.

The final thing I did Saturday was likely the dumbest. There was a Specialized rep there with their Women Specific Design bikes to try, and I took out a Ruby Elite. It's a $2200 bike, and when I rode it, it was like the heavens opened up and angels sang. I wanted to hug it and never let it go... sorry 1994 TREK MountianTrack. You've been replaced in my heart.

So if anyone has $2200 lying around that they want to donate to a nice lady who wants a new bike let me know!

Next race report: after this weekend's TREK Women's Sprint Tri. EEP!

The things I'm trying to remember: 1) Run my own race. It's me against the me, not anyone upon whom I would like to strap my extra 100 lbs. 2) Slow down in the water, and take long strokes. I'm a good swimmer, and with all of the stuff around me and wearing my wetsuit, I will not drown. 3) None of this means I can be lazy. If I want to do MY best, I can't just walk. I have to TRY.

I'll let you know how that goes.

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