Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Is ignorance REALLY bliss? Intolerance is not!

I know, I’m going to start freaking people out with this once-a-week business, but this really ticked me off, and I’ve set up such a nice pretty soap box for myself...

I actually started this blog almost a week ago, when the whole brouhaha hit. Since then, I’ve simmered down a touch, but I still think I’ve got a valid rant.  Star of the show, Billy Gardell gives a pretty classy speech on that new CBS AM show, and if it were just about Mike & Molly, I’d let it go, but obviously I didn’t.  J

A friend posted the story about the Marie Claire blog about Mike & Molly on Facebook, and there were a LOT of things about it that make me angry. 
  1. This woman wrote the rant with out ever having even seen the show.  People who pontificate on things which they know nothing about piss me off.  We have a rule at my house. Take 3 bites of dinner before you say you hate it. If you still don’t want it, we’ll talk, but I don’t take, “It’s gross!” for things my son has never tried
  2. This woman says she has struggled with an eating disorder, so yeah, I get that she’s got effed up ideas about people’s bodies. But shouldn’t she be MORE understanding, not less?
  3. When did it become OK to pick on ANYONE?

This is my biggest rant of the moment.  I am 100% on board with the “It Gets Better” project, and really am proud to be straight, not narrow.  But since when is it only hard to be a teenager when you’re gay?  There was a story about a local teen who comitted suicide last week, which is awful, but next came the stories that he may have been bullied. And the questions if he was gay. 

OMFG people! WHO CARES IF THE KID WAS GAY? (Am I the only one who immediately has the “Heathers” football players’ funeral running through their head here?)

No child, NO ONE, should ever feel like ending their life is the only option.  My son is seven, and I know it’s early, but we’ve had a conversation about what’s happened on the news.  Kids were picking on another kid, so he decided he didn’t want to live any more.  And that there is NEVER EVER EVER any reason in the WORLD that it’s worth ending his life. His dad and I will love him no matter what.

But it’s hard to be a kid.  He’s shortish. He’s smallish. He’s wicked smart (no ish).  There are so many things kids get picked on for, even if they aren’t gay.  God forbid he decides to quit running club (which he loves) and becomes- dun dun DUN- FAT!

I know that I can be snotty to stupid people. And if you show up for work dressed from head to toe in orange as an actual outfit, I will likely say something snarky about pumpkins behind your back.  But there’s a BIG difference between that and bullying. And if it’s done in person, online, or even in and attempt at “journalism,” it’s just plain wrong wrong wrong.

So back to the show- I watched Mike & Molly again tonight, because it was fun and cute, and in part because I really hope their ratings go through the roof. It's not about a couple who is fat, it's about a couple who each aren't secure in who they are... I've been with the same guy since I was 18, so maybe it was just me at that age, but I can't remember EVER being secure in who I was when I started dating someone.

I'm guessing it was not just me, OR just that I was 18.

Next blog I’ll get back to the ½ marathon training progress (what little there is) and other thinks that involve forward motion, but for now, here are some interesting, and frightening stats that I think  A LOT of people reading this blog can relate to!

The facts on body image
• 81% of 10 year olds are afraid of being fat.

• 51% of 9- and 10-year-old girls feel better about themselves if they are on a diet.

• 35% of “normal dieters” progress to pathological dieting.

• Of those, 20–25% progress to partial or full-syndrome eating disorders.
Source: National Eating Disorder Association

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