Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Getting it into gear- hopefully not neutral.

I'm feeling awful that it's been so long since I've updated, but life gets in the way. My son turned six, and possibly into the devil, not only hitting & kicking friends at his daycare, but telling me that if I "lose of of the extra chubby weight you'll be able to run faster." Thanks.

Of course, this is while the hubby is out of town. Does he travel for work often? Uh, no. Just this week. And next week. Unless I have a nervous breakdown.

So since I last blogged, I met a neighbor who is looking to do her first tri too, invited her to come swimming with our team, and met ANOTHER neighbor who swam with us. Pretty cool to meet some more people since we've lived here for 2.5 yrs. You can tell, we get out a lot. :)

I've also not worked out AT ALL since that Saturday swim. I of course blame my hubby being out of town, but I think it's also a lack of motivation. SO I've decided that I've spent 2 months training, and I'm ready to start taking this show on the road. I'm 99% sure that I'm signing up for the Portland All-Women's try a try (shorter swim) event on 8/1 and the Lake Sammamish tri on 8/29. It's also a 1/4 mile swim, so it gets me one step closer to my BIG event on Sept. 20.

Two other little baby steps forward in the last 10 days. I was surprised by how much water comes out of my rental men's 2XU suit when I take it off (AND how it's not that hard to get on & off) Saturday I went to Triumph Multisport to try on a ladies wetsuit- a Blue Seventy Reaction WXLA sleeveless suit. AND IT FIT! I won't be able to get it used, but I'm going to call them & have them order. I'm very excited, since I'm less likely to shrink out of this as soon.

Baby step #2- I actually miss working out. I was hoping to take breaks from work to fit it in and it hasn't happened. Or to take the little man to daycare and do 1st thing in the AM. I'm looking at that plan for tomorrow, but I also met the parent of a teenager who lives down the street... might look at having her hang out @ my house for an hour while I work out.

I don't enjoy the working out while I'm doing it, but I miss how I feel after. When I come back in the house, when I get off my bike, when I get out of the pool, I feel taller. I want to get that back. Got to check the lap times at the pool for tomorrow.

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