Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Working for the Weekend

Had a good workout tonight- it was a warm night and there were a LOT more people out at Seward Park. Are you people really Northwesteners? We don't let a little rain (last week) get in the way of a swim... you're going to be jumping in the WATER for goodness sake!

Anyhow- I need to start pushing myself a little harder, but that's something I know, not feel as the race is still 11 wks away. Our coach asked if I'm doing another event- that's not currently the plan, but I'm considering one in August in Wenatchee. My biggest worry there is that there will be a) men, and b) a lot of people who take this WAY more seriously than I do. I mean, I'm serious, but I'm serious about getting to the end, not about beating anyone, you know?

So some kind of random musings tonight, and then I won't post for a couple of days since my hubby & I are going out of town for a belated anniv present to each other (yes, any time I've been frustrated this week, I'm thinking Seaweed/Coffee wrap, Massage, Facial over & over & over) but I've got thinks that I've thunk.

Tonight was a swim- 1/4 or 1/2 mile (the 1/4 was for us poky girls) and then 30 min wun. This is where I should be pushing myself, but I'm working with goals like, not panicking, and not rolling onto my back like a bloated turtle when said panic happens. Tonight- goal reached- no rolling on back. Should have been swimming faster, but I also need to remember that my goals are just as valid as the girls who were way the heck ahead.

Same with wunning. Wunning is OK. I ended up chatting and not pushing myself as hard as I could, so there was way more walk than anything else, BUT I noticed when I went for a walk w/ a friend to grab lunch at work- I didn't get as winded coming back up the hill. Small steps.

My final story is from last Sat, but I totally forgot to share it last blog. The 2nd time I did my mini-tri, I only had one moment of panic. I saw a white thing moving under the water out of the corner of my eye and thought "WHAT THE F WAS THAT? IS IT SOME DEAD THING?" I went with the Dory philosophy (from Finding Nemo for those of you w/ out kids) "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming" and figured out a few strokes later what it was that I saw. IT WAS MY OWN PALE ARM! So then I had to try not to choke on water laughing at myself in the middle of a lake, realizing I just freaked out seeing my own appendage out of the corner of my eye. I'm such a dork. But at least I accept & can laugh at my dorkiness. :)

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