Monday, July 20, 2009


So I did it. I've officially signed up for a couple of intermediate events. I'm in week two of my "time off" and although if I bent over backwards I might be able to get it in, it's just really difficult. And with as much work as I've got, not worth the work.

But Saturday I swam. I never believed I could look forward to something involving working out as much as our swim in Beaver Lake on Saturday morning. There were only a few people fishing when my friends and I got there, and since the last few days had been so warm, the only reason I needed the wetsuit was for confidence floating.

The lake was just placid, with just three swimmers to cut thru the water. I let myself relax and just swim, not worrying about how anyone else was doing (okay, to some extent- I ALWAYS worry about others, over active mom instincts, even before I became a mother) but I concentrated on not attacking the water, just relaxing and trying to keep an even pace.

My husband always says he wants to retire on a golf course. Which is a little silly to talk about since he'll have to teach for like 25 more years, but I digress. When I got home on Saturday, I told him that I want to live on a lake. There was a guy sitting out on his deck, drinking coffee and I think watching us swim, and all I could think was, wouldn't it be great to be able to walk out on my dock and dive in?

It was just a perfect morning, not feeling like I had anything to prove, just slicing through the water. The water doesn't care how much I weigh. The water doesn't make anything jiggle or bounce. I just glide.

So now, I have to see if I can find that place of glide while surrounded by a hundred or two of my closest brand new friends. Trial one, August 1, Troutdale, Oregon. We'll see how I do.

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