Thursday, May 14, 2009

48-43-53 and 192

So I don't remember what the song was that my friends & I used to sing in HS, but there was a line with the measurements, 38-28-38. At the time, that was me. Since I refuse to weigh my self again, and I think that the world likes to see numbers, there are the measurements I'm working with now. 48-43-53. I'll try those again weekly and see if I get anything new.

When I did the 3 day, I was working a night shift, and was not able to find any friends to sign up to do it with me. This time, I have NO time, and need to make sure that someone can help me be accountable for the training. I have no desire to train, but I DO have a desire to both be prepared and finish. SO for Mother's Day, my hubby gave me a team through:

Yesterday was our first group training. Most of the first few (we will meet on Wed & Sat) and we did some testing to see what our max heart rate is. Mine is 192. Evidently it will stay there, but I will hopefully be able to move my rear end faster while my heart rate doesn't increase as quickly.

Anyhow- it was POURING rain. Yes, I live in Seattle, boo-hoo, but still, who's idea was this again? I didn't have a waterproof jacket (guess how easy it is to find a running performance type jacket that zips over the girls?) so by the time I cooled off from the exertion, I was FREEZING when I got home. But it felt good that I did it. I was last, but I finished.

Today I was supposed to ride my bike and do weights. I think I'm going to use my pilates tape to make up for the weights in general, since I'm not supposed to lift over 40 lbs at all (yes, my son is about 45, yes, I break that daily) and I always feel like a MORON at the gym. Not sure who made the rule that you have to be in shape BEFORE you go to the gym, but you know what I'm talking about.

I've never really liked to have people look at me. Confused the hell out of people that my degree is in broadcast journalism, but there you go. So going a place where I get stared at is never fun. We'll see if having people cheering for me at the end helps me or makes me self-conscious.

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