Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Getting behind

This weekend was great- the boys came with me for both a bike and swim w/o. Bellevue City pool is really nice. Not sure why we weren't expecting that.

The new bra came in, and it's awesome. It's not only big enough, but it also keeps me from bouncing. It's slightly pathetic how happy that makes me.

Wore my skort for the bike ride w/ the boys. Like it, but found 2 problems. 1) I need a longer top if I don't want to show off my lower back. 2) It's not tight at the waist, which is nice, but I think it may not stay up for the run. Again, might be solved w/ the right top, but I need to get that figured out.

Got new shoes too, Brooks Outlet is a beautiful thing. Haven't run in them yet, so I'll have to see how they do, but old ones are a couple of years old, so that could explain Saturday shin splints.

To the getting behind part- DH is out of town for work (which is very rare) yesterday through tomorrow. No idea how I'm getting w/o in. Yesterday I just didn't. I'm working while the kid is @ school, and I don't feel right about leaving a 5 year old home alone, even when he's asleep & I'm just doing laps in the neighborhood. So even though tonight is supposed to be a bike w/o again, I may do the "jog around inside the house" thing again. We'll see.

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