Friday, May 22, 2009

Catching Up

Will keep this short b/c the boys are on their way home & the sunshine beckons.

Swim went well on Wed- I am not a bad swimmer. Evidently I am not a great breather. This is bad when you are trying to stay afloat/alive, but getting better each time I go.

Yesterday I did a ride with my padded bike skort. Butt doesn't hurt today, so I'm much happier. Today is supposed to be a day off, but I'm a little stressed about the 3 days DH is out fo town next week, so I may at least do Pilates tape.

The other exciting note- new sports bra came in the mail. If it actually fits/works, I may start a new fansite just for Linda the Bra Lady, even though she's in NYC & I'm in Seattle.

I'm also going all nuts and going to promote my little bloggie on FB. Considering I'm sharing more of myself in ways I'm not sure I'm ready for, we'll see how that goes. Then again, if I make one person belive they can (because trust me, if I can ANYONE can) do just that little bit more, I'll overshare all over the place!

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