Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Making Do

So today DH is still not home, and it's still raining. So knowing that he won't get home until after the gym closes, I did what I could jogging inside the house, and when I was supposed to me in my heart rate Z3, I treated the bottom step as a work out step. Not ideal, but it works.

Next week will be tougher, DH will be taking his team to state in Yakima, so I will have 3 days I can't get away from the house w/out my son. I'm thinking I may try to work from home and take a bike brake or "run" break. Waist is still -1 inch... so I can't give up now.

Only problem could be some extra work at my job... we'll see how it goes. Sports bra isn't here yet. It's kind of sad how much I'm looking forward to that. People always tell me I need an Enell... but they don't come in big CUP SIZES. I could get one that's big enough around, and then I'd go falling out the bottom. Gee, that sounds useful.

My swimsuit for training is GREAT. I got it here: http://www.lindasonline.com/panache-sw0315-sorrento-concealed-tankini-top-black.html
Won't be able to run in it, but it's terrific for training, support and comfort and it FITS. For bottoms I bought some plus size boy style swim shorts at Target. SUPER comfy, and if I don't end up in Tri shorts, I can wear them under a wetsuit (if I find a wetsuit that fits!) and then under my skort if I wear that. It's sad how much I worry about the wardrobe, but I think that it's got a lot of stuff to do w/ the size of my, hell, everything.

The thing I've got to remember that it's just about doing it, no one gives a shit how I look. :)

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  1. I had never heard of enell's so I went to their website - looks like they will make a custom one for you - for exactly the issue you describe. Have no idea what the price point would be, but if the one on order doesn't work out for you.... may be an option worth considering.