Monday, May 18, 2009


I did what I could of the weight workout today (they ask for a big foam roll- who on earth just has one of those around??) but didn't get my 40 min in on my bike. In my defense my husband got home after dark, but if I left the second he got here, I could have at least ridden the bike at the gym. I just would have had 15 min to leave here & get there. But really, that's an excuse. I should have gone. Tomorrow may be dark & raining that late again, so perhaps I skip the hated run & do bike. Or I do elliptical & REALLY kick my own butt.

Instead I made cookies for the team my husband coaches. They have have a match that may qualify them for state tomorrow. We'll see how it goes.

The brightest athletic part of my day was getting in my new skort from It's an XXL and I think it will work, although I got a bike one, so I wouldn't swim in it. A little tight in the thigh, but that will get better, right? I took new measurements & lost an inch each in my waist & hip (and gained on in my bust- stupid ridiculous boobs!) but I don't buy it. I'll wait until Thursday to measure again to be accurate. :)

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