Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Brrr... no thanks!

I bagged on training again today, but I had an even better reason, woke up with a sore throat that didn't get better and today was our 1st open water swim, and I don't have a wetsuit. After yesterday's post, a commenter made the very good point that I can always re-sell my suit, so I'm thinking I'll make a call to a place that does rentals tomorrow to see what they carry in pre-padded size. Won't have it in time for Saturday's swim, but hopefully would be in for next week's swim & then practice tri.

So something that a lot of people have asked me. What is my favorite of the three events?

That's harder to answer than I'd think. When I was a kid, I spent summers in Alaska visiting my dad, and spent as much time as possible in Big Lake (near the recently famous town of Wasilla). I didn't stand up on the jet ski or try waterskiing, I would just put on a life jacket and swim around for hours.

Also in my youth, I had a friend who lived a few miles away, and I would ride my bike to her house in Goldcrest, and then we'd ride a few more miles to Capital Mall... we'd even ride downtown sometimes, usually getting a ride back up the hill to West Oly.

Anyhow, I (slightly) digress. Swimming and riding both have terrific childhood associations for me. Running, not so much. As I mentioned before, I've never been an athlete. I was talked into playing basketball in 7th & 8th grade by the bike-riding friend, Melissa, and our other friend Jen. But I had problems with heat exhaustion, and all together not loving the running. I'm ok with walking, even walking quickly (hell, I'm 5'8" and all leg, when I get going, my husband almost runs to keep up) but I HATE running.

That said, I'm starting to understand how it is people can love it... maybe there was a moment when others loved running as a kid? Maybe they can breathe and don't have sore knees when they get done?

So the answer to, what is my favorite event? Swimming. Or Biking, depending on which one I'm doing at the time, and how hard it feels while I'm doing it. The only thing that will redeem the running? It's at the end, so it's the only way I'll get across the finish line.

And once I'm done, give Sally Edwards a high five, and collapse on the ground for a couple of min, I'm sure I feel like a kid again. At least until I take my son to his very 1st flag football practice that afternoon!

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