Friday, June 26, 2009

Dance, and Shout! Shake your body down to the ground!

OK- there's my MJ shout out. What I can I say, I grew up in the 80s. The man's music had an impact on my life, and as I've heard many others say, many of his songs are a part of the soundtrack of my childhood. And as they always said on American Bandstand- It's got a great beat, and you can dance to it!

So the passing of someone who was so much, but sadly could have been so much more has been weighing heavily on my world in the last 24 hours, as well as some crazy busy-ness at work. BUT I still managed to get my work outs in! Today I dedicate to how I made excuses, but still got my rear in gear anyway.

Wednesday night was the open swim in Lake Washington. Since we had a big announcement in the morning, I had a lot of last min questions that I had to answer before I could get out the door. And I work in Bellevue, 30 min from Seattle on a good day. Wed there was a Mariners home game. This does NOT make for a good traffic day.

Despite the fact that I left the office 30 min before the work out was supposed to start, and I KNEW I wasn't going to make it, I kept going. I called my mom to chat while I was on the road so that I didn't get REALLY grumpy, and having changed into my swimsuit under sweats @ work, put glide on my lower legs at stoplights.

It took me an hour to get to the park, and I was pretty sure I saw my team way the heck out in the water when I got there, so I pulled on the rental wetsuit that came in on Tue & waited until they came back. One of the coaches hung out with me so that I at least got part of the work out in, and despite the rain that threatened and the fact that Lk WA is COLD COLD COLD, it was a pleasant swim. Still getting over the panic attacks, but I know I'll get there. Oh, and did I mention that the smaller of the 2 suits worked just fine? WOO HOO!

Yesterday was supposed to be 45 min on a bike. My plan was to get up @ 6a when my work thing was happening, send a few e-mails for it and then go do my bike ride before I went to work. Wrinkle #1 came when I woke up at 2am & couldn't get back to sleep until after 3a. So then #2 I was EXHAUSTED when I finally got up, #3 my kiddo woke up early & was cuddly, and #4 work took longer than I really wanted it to. Needless to say with all of the wrinkliness, I didn't get it in.

Work was insane all day, and by the time I got home, all I wanted to do was collapse. Instead, made Ground Beef Stroganoff for my boys, got the little man into his PJs and read a little Despereaux, and went to the gym. It's funny that I seem to have a harder time getting my heart rate to spike there, but it occurred to me about 35 min in that there's actually a lot more pedaling involved at the gym. I don't do it all the time, but I think it's nice to mix things up when it's getting dark out so I can read to my kid on a tough day.

Today is a rest day. I got my outfit in, still screwing up my courage to take a pic & post it here. I may do Pilates DVD tonight since my Race Belt Skirt is a little tighter than I'd like... therefore I need to whittle the middle.

Tomorrow is our 1st practice mini tri. Exciting, scary, and I think I'm ready.

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