Monday, June 8, 2009

Waist- >2 in, Hip > 1.5 in, Chest- SAME

WTF. First, I spent 40 min writing a lovely blog about the wonderful community that I'm meeting as I train for this tri... and then it got lost.

Now, I measure and yes, losing in waist & hips, but NOT AT ALL in the chest. If I get down a bra size & don't get down a cup size, I'm going to be TICKED. But this blog is not all about my boobs... I digress.

So I have a BUNCH of workouts to catch up on here, but I'll just hit the highlights.

Last Wed: Wed & Sat are our group days- and last week was pretty hot. We did a bike/run brick, and our very first transitions. I learned two important things.

1) My bike Skort doesn't work for running. Slips down @ the waist when I try. Not a good look. Now considering taking a skort, putting bike shorts on UNDER, and then taking that layer off at transitions. Saves the butt from pain and saves the world from seeing the butt...

2) My teammates are amazing people. I'm still the slowest, by far. I was about 2/3 of the way through the bike ride, passing the whole team just before I hit the 1/2 way turn around. So when I heard one of my teammates come up behind me, I was confused. She came back for me so that I wouldn't have to ride alone. I managed to not start crying until we finished the ride and I was transitioning to run.

Saturday: We went to Coleman Pool- I learned that chlorinated salt water is NASTY, I LOVE using fins to practice, and that I need a map of the park before I go next time. I also learned not to follow the coach's boyfriend straight up what seemed like 500 stairs.

Sunday: Pilates getting better. Instructor didn't work me to fatigue, but I still bailed on running since I was pretty beat.

Today: Miscalculated the time to get home uphill, so I went long, but still OK. My butt feels fine. Best it's been after a ride yet. This means one of two things, either I've figured out how to sit, or I'm growing immune.

Tomorrow is a swim, Wed is a team track run. The BEST thing I noticed after the horrible stairs on Sat? I may get winded super easily, but I'm recovering faster. It's good to know that I'm getting somewhere with cardio health. Maybe sometime I'll even be able to run... NAH!

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