Monday, June 15, 2009

Can Somebody Check My Back...

... I can't seem to find the zipper to this fat suit!

I was working from home today, sitting in my fav spot with my laptop on my lap when I noticed that I have ROCK HARD quads. Not sure about any other muscles, but I think there's some pretty decent muscle tone under this padding...

I really think that the swimming, biking, running, and CLOTHES SHOPPING would be easier if it would just magically disappear.

This would not make me an athlete, but would sure as hell make it easier to pretend that I play one on TV. Crap, I'm never on TV, even on accident anymore... play on in my not so secret blog life?

Didn't swim yesterday after Pilates kicked my booty- was PLANNING to swim AND run/walk (I refuse to call what I do running) but when I got to the pool I noticed that the track that is next to the pool (Issaquah Middle School) is not open as I thought it would be. POOP!

So I did more swimming than was on the schedule to make up for it. I did a 1/2 mile in less than 30 min, not really trying to go fast, just trying to keep going. Usually I have long rests. Not tonight. I still used fins, but since I'm still working on breathing and form, I'm not going to beat myself up there.

So the everything happens for a reason moment was as I was about to leave. This woman who I saw doing laps when I was there last week saw me wearing my Trek Training shirt that I meant to go run in. She asked if I was training, and I told her about it moving to Sept. She has done several triathlons, LOVES it, and the only reason she didn't sign up for the Trek was that she's out of town July5. She's going to sign up, and she was super excited.

So I'm part of my way to my goal of getting someone to try something crazy... she's just already done it before so she doesn't really count as getting 100% there.

Tomorrow is a bike ride- after a TON of walking on a field trip to the zoo. Wed is our 1st open water swim. I do not have a wetsuit (DO NOT want to buy one this size!) so this could get interesting!

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