Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Too much to say, too little time

I tend to think of all sorts of things that I want to say here as I'm working out, and then it takes me days to actually have time to write. So I'll just take a few min to let you know a few of the things I've been ruminating on, as well as w/o progress, and hopefully will have more time tonight. Not holding my breath.

Sunday was supposed to be a bike/run brick. When the thunderstorm started as I was starting out, I took that as a sign that I needed to spend Father's Day with my boys.

Monday was a swim- pool is a LOT busier now that school is out. There were some boys making fun of an older woman (not that she could her them, but I could) who, uh, didn't have a bathing suit physique. I managed to not give them a lecture, but reminds me how important it is to teach MY son right & wrong.

Tuesday night rode my bike. Did some laps in my neighborhood because I noticed my tire was low when I was about a 1.5 miles out & didn't want to tempt fate. Neighbor (over a block away who I've never met) saw me come by and said, "oh it's you again" which reminds me that I need to wear my Trek Training shirt more so that people know what the heck I'm doing. Yes, there IS a reason the chubby chick is riding past your house over & over, and it's NOT stalking.

Today we've got an open water swim (this time in Lake Washington- brr) and luckily my wetsuits came in, so I won't freeze anything off. I'm very excited to try them out, but as I tweeted yesterday, will have to work to get on right. I think what they sent are Men's, which kind of sucks. Most of my team looks kind of hot in their little wetsuits. I look like I'm getting ready to put on a Santa suit over it. It squishes my belly up, and my chest down so much I look like a man with a potbelly & moobs. It's REALLY hard to make me look like a man with my K cups, so I think I may need to do a little more looking into big WOMEN's suits. I've been avoiding going to a store for fear they will laugh at me, but I need to give over it or be content with uni-gut. Will let y'all know how they work in the water after tonight.

The other thing I learned today, I CAN NOT just go out an wun (tired of typing walk/run since I am trying, but in my 'hood's hills, there is very little running going on) with out eating or drinking anything 1st thing in the AM. DH is a teacher, so he's now home in the AM so I can do my w/o 1st thing, and we are supposed to both swim AND run today, so I thought I'd try to get up early & knock out the wunning early this AM. First his stupid alarm went off @ 5a. I was planning to go out at 6:30a. It was still DARK for goodness sakes! Anyway, kept hitting snooze and didn't bother to eat or drink- just went out. Was supposed to be by distance- 3.5 miles. I TOTALLY hit a wall at 2 miles. Got to 2.5 (my loop is 1/2 mile) and decided that it was a lesson learned, and hit the showers. Will try the 45 min bike ride tomorrow... but this time with SNACKS!

Finally, for anyone who decides to do something crazy like this, I highly recommend signing up to do it with a team. When I did the Breast Cancer 3 Day in 2001, I was working nights (when most teams train) and couldn't find anyone I already know to do it with me. (Like now, everyone I know thought I was nuts- but people did after I did!) So I trained all by myself, didn't know my tent mate at all, and met some random people on the trail (no idea how many people I taught the lyrics to "I will survive" to along the way- LOTS) but none of them became friends. It was all a transitional contact.

This time, I've got a team of AMAZING women who have taught me so much, encourage me, and make me push myself harder every time I'm with them. Each of us have our own story and challenges, but we all support each other, and I think I'm going to have to make some plans to go cheer for a few of them in races that I'm not participating in next month... :)

So ladies, if you read this THANK YOU! Could I do it with out you? Probably. But I am glad that I didn't decide to. You make me want to be better, and inspire me every day.

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